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The Rubettes - The Albums 1974-1977 - 5CD

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The Rubettes - The Albums 1974-1977 - 5CD


CD 1 - Wear It's 'At
Way Back To The Fifties
Rock Is Dead
The Way Of Love
Your Love
For Ever
Sugar Baby Love
Teenage Dream
Rock & Roll Survival
When You're Sixteen
Saturday Night
You Could Have Told Me
Silent Movie Queen

CD 2 - We Can Do It
I Can Do It
The Sha Na Na Song
Something's Coming Over Me
The Family Affair
It's Just Make Believe
Dance To The Rock N Roll
Juke Box Jive
Don't Do It Baby
I'll Always Love You
At The High School Hop Tonight
Wo Goddam Blues
When You're Falling In Love
If You've Got The Time

CD 3 - Rubettes
Judy Run Run
Little Darling
My Buddy Holly Days
Put A Back Beat To That Music
It's Better That Way
Play The Game
Foe Dee Oh Doe
I'm Just Dreaming
Out In The Cold
Miss Goodie Two Shoes
When You're Around
Dark Side Of The World
With You
I Still Love You
Love Bonds

CD 4 - Sign Of The Times
Sign Of The Times
Dancing In The Rain
You're The Only Girl On My Island
The Way You Live
Not Now My Dear
You're The Reason Why
I Think I'm In Love
I Really Got To Know
Highwayman's Lament
Take Good Care Of My Baby
The Price Of Living

CD 5 - Baby I Know
Summertime Rock 'N' Roll
Baby I Know
I'm In Love With You
Ooh La La
Ladies Of Laredo
Rock 'n' Roll Lady
Allez Oop
I Wanna Be Loved
Under One Roof
Rock 'N' Roll Queen
Ladies Of Laredo (Radio Version)
Who Makes The World Go Round?

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The Rubettes - The Albums 1974-1977 - 5CD

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