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Thunderdome - 25 Years Of Hardcore - 4CD

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Thunderdome - 25 Years Of Hardcore - 4CD


CD 1
I Come Correct - Promo
Shinning - Miro
White Fluids of DNA - Negative A
More Bazz - Shadowlands Terrorists
Stamp Gevaar - Outblast & Catscan
Designed To Fail - D-Passion
Feel Terror Cloud Your Senses - DaY-Már
The Prophecy Unfolds (Tha Playah Remix) - The Viper & Tommyknocker
Rainbow In The Sky (Re-Style & Bass-D 2013 Remix) - Paul Elstak
The Return of Bike's Drum (The Outside Agency Remix) - Noize Suppressor
Inception by Sound - Ophidian
Turbulence - Predator
Dumcore - DJ Iscaac
Name Of The DJ - Chosen Few
Dopeman - DJ Gizmo
Boomshakalaka - Lenny Dee, Randy and The Sickest Squad
Blast - Igneon System
Our Legacy (Official Thunderdome 2017 Anthem) - Guerrillas
Los Traficantes - Andy The Core & Meccano Twins
Tefached - Repix
Attack (Mad Dog Remix) - Unexist
Fixxxed - DJ Waxweazle & DJ Promo
The Dreamtheme - The Prophet
In The Name Of Love - 3 Steps Ahead

CD 2
Flesh Is The Fever - The Horrorist
Midnight Impact - Promo & Catscan
Throes Of Rejection - Mindustries
Earthquake - Art of Fighters
No Newstyle (Buzz Fuzz Remix) - The Masochist
Raw To The Floor - Evil Activities vs The Viper
Cameltoe - Nosferatu
Prednison Attack (N-Vitral Remix) - Project Omeaga
Never Fall Asleep - Evil Activities with DJ Panic & MC Alee
Raise Your Fist Again - Angerfist feat.MC Da Mouth Of Madness
Times Like These VIP - DJ Hidden
Thunderdome - Gizmo, Buzz Fuzz, The Prophet, Dano
Dig It! - Simstim
Mind Of A Lunatic - Predator
No Out Of Here - Cybernators
Beats Time (Edit) - The Stunned Guys
I Wanna Rock Ya’ - The Prophet
Addicted 2 Raves (Buzz Fuzz Remix) - Duo Pennotti
Toda Rhythm - Lenny Dee & Dark Raver
Gangsters (Tails, Noizer & Droks Remix) - 3 Steps Ahead
Brohymn (This One's For Gabbers) - DJ Paul & Teenage Warning
Sound Becomes One - Partyraiser vs Destructive Tendencies
Rocking Fire - Radium
Wake up! - Dr. Peacock

CD 3
We Have Arrived (The Mover Remix) - Mescalinum United
The Purest #TiH (Edit) - Amnesys
My Empty Bottle - Korsakoff
Hardcore Will Never Die - The Reactor & Raoul meet Impulse Factory
Shoot That Motherfuck - DJ Arjuna & Beyonder
It’s Alright - Buzz Fuzz vs. Bass-D & King Matthew
Bombing Eardrumz - Paul Elstak & The Stunned Guys feat. Mc Ruffian
Victims of Voodoo - MD&A feat. Natski
Voel Je Die Bass (N-Vitral Remix) - DJ J.D.A.
Welcome Down - DJ Mad Dog
Drunk With A Gun - Nosferatu & Endymion
One Sick DJ - Tommyknocker
The Hunt (Dominator Anthem) - DJ Outblast & Predator feat. Mc Ruffian
Gangsta Bitch - Tymon & Detest
Massive On The Bass - Sei2ure
Feel The Rhythm (Stunned Guys Remix) - Prezioso
Cocaine - Ferocious
Rebel (Live At The Metropolis Mix) - Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo
Forgotten Moments - Lenny Dee
Can't Stop Us Now - Guerrillas
Fingers In The Air - Noize Suppressor & Drokz
Gabbers in Pariz - F. Noize vs System Overload
Fast And Akkurad (Spaced Out Version) - Akira
Trip To The Highlands - Dr. Peacock

CD 4
Doomsday Mechaniks - DJ Producer
Intelligent Hardcore - The Dark Raver & DJ Vince
Stardom (Thunderdome 2004 Anthem) - Korsakoff
Life Blood Pain Death (Tymon Remix) - Satronica
Crunk (Edit) - Tommyknocker
Nobody Said It Was Easy - Evil Activities
The Beat Is Flown - DJ Rob feat. MC Joe
A Brand New Dance - Square Dimensione
Motherfucker - Bass-X
Knight Of Visions - Knightvision
Young Birds - DJ Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omanski
Antimix (Neophyte Mix) - The Masochist
K.O. (Thunderdome Fight Night Anthem 2009) - Unexist Vs DaY-Már
Sam's Gospel - The Outside Agency & N-Vitral
Custom Grind - Akira
Partycrasher - The Melodyst & Andy The Core
Fear - Decipher
Bloodbath - Drokz
Come On - Dr. Peacock & Sefa
The Lighthousekeeper - DJ Buzz Fuzz
Dominatin' (1993 Summer Remix) - The Prophet
Mellow Moeni Mauwe - Bodylotion
Sound Of Madness - Rotterdam Terror Corps
Ik Haat Trance - Noisekick

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Thunderdome - 25 Years Of Hardcore - 4CD


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