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The Sound of The Bagpipes - CD

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The Sound of The Bagpipes - CD


Medley: endering young charms - Eileen Allanah-Royal Irish Rangers 
Medley: dear old dongal - Thick lie the mist on yonder hill - O Luaidh - Archie Beag - Darlin I am Growing old - The kill is my delight - The Rowan tree - The Irish Guards 
Carlingford Loch - Queens Royal IrishHussars 
Medley: Queen victorias jubilee march - The gruagach - The devil among the tailors - Gone to the hills - The jolly beggarman - Pipe major j johnston - The old rustic bridge - The Irish Guards 
Goin home - Queens Own Highlanders 
Medley: Garry Owen - O er the bows to ballindalloch - Piper of drummond - River shannon - Paddy Mc Gintys goat - The gipsy Girls and the hungarian fiddler - Inniskilling Dragon - Irish Guards 
Emerald Echoes - Queens Royal Irish Hussars 
Abide with me - Queens Royal Irish Hussars 
Chariots of Fire - Queens Own Highlanders 
Medley: Loch Ruan - Because He was a bony lad - Come ye by the hills - The ale is dear - Blue Bells - Donald Willie and his dog - My ove has goe - Jim Tweedies sea Legs LT col R N Wheeler - Queens the Own Highlanders 
The Royal Irish Polka - Royal Irish Rangers 
Medley: Macedona - O er The bows to ballindalloch - The pigeon on the gate - Bunch of violets blues - Jim Tweedies sea legs - Queen Victorias jubilee - Queens Own Highlanders 
Medley: The Green Glens of Antrim - The str of county down - Royal Irish Rangers 
Kumbaya - Royal Irish Rangers 
Cavalcade medley - Its a long way to tipperary - Goodbye Dolly Gray - The Quatermasters Store - Keep the home fires burning - Queens Royal Irish Hussars 
Medley: Minstrel Boy - Kelly from Killane - Queens Royal Irish Hussars


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The Sound of The Bagpipes - CD

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