Seventies Nuggets - The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music - 2CD

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Release Datum 7 apr. 2017
EAN 602557456141
Gegevensdrager CD
Artiesten Engels verzamel
Series The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music
Genre Pop
CD 1
Steptrack - Going Up The Country Today 
Steptrack - Give Me A Hand 
Blue Planet - Boy 
Blue Planet - Will I Ever Climb The Mountain
Jacky Cornell - If All Men Could Be Like Brothers
Jacky Cornell - God Will Bless You 
Mailer Mackenzie Band - Movin’ 
Mailer Mackenzie Band - Let Tomorrow Be A Different Day
Fairy Tale - Story With No End 
Fairy Tale - Streetnoise
Panda - No Cookies 
Panda - Swingin’ About
Road - Never Leave Me Lonely
Road - Why Don’t We Leave Them 
Amsterdam - Jackie Gass (The Motoring Freak) 
Amsterdam - Sweet Child Of Light 
Big Wheel - World Outside 
Big Wheel - Please Excuse Me 
Cinderella - From Town To Town 
Cinderella - The Love That We’ve Got 
After Tea - Lovesong To Mother Nature
After Tea - Fame
CD 2 
Cosmic Dealer - Head In The Clouds 
Cosmic Dealer - Find Your Way 
Cobra - So Dissatisfied 
Cobra - What Next 
Catapult - Hit The Big Time 
Catapult - Let It Be True 
The Hammer - Hitchcock’s Lullaby 
The Hammer - Doggone 
Ruby Carmichael - Little Yellow Shop 
Ruby Carmichael - Big Boy 
Left Side - Mamma Mia (Everytime I See Ye)
Gold In New Orleans 
Lemming - Queen Jacula 
Lemming - Fun With Me 
Good-Time Joe - Slipstream
Good-Time Joe - Ballad 
Air Bubble - Racing Car 
Air Bubble - D.J.’s Blue Jeans 
Breeze - Gypsy Woman 
Breeze - Never Let You Down
Hugo van Haastert - I See A Light 
Hugo van Haastert - Can’t Keep It In 
New Adventures - Come On 
New Adventures - Back To The Pit

Seventies Nuggets - The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music - 2CD

A & B Sides
De bijzondere Sixties- en Seventies Nuggets delen zijn gevuld met moeilijk verkrijgbare singles (A+B side) en voor verzamelaars dus echte must-haves.

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